Welcome to my website, where I get to go ahead and post things that I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to create, read, or develop. If you haven’t had a chance to look around yet, I would go ahead and look over at the portfolio page, located here. It has some of my more interesting work. If you actually would like to reach me, you can find me at:

I currently live in Southern California, and go to school at UCLA. I’m working towards an M.S. Mechanical Engineering, with a specialization in control systems and design.

Previously, I  worked at GMEP Engineering, where I did engineering consulting.  I’ve been fortuitous enough to work on over 75 different projects so far, totaling over 2 million square feet of both residential and commercial buildings throughout California. As part of GMEP, I’ve also done energy calculations for projects in Flordia, Michigan, and Nevada.

In addition to working at GMEP Engineering, I also shoot photography for ESPORTS. I fell into the game and community around ten years ago, and I haven’t stopped helping in some capacity since. I’m currently a staff member at teamliquid.net and moderate the forums; I’m also one of the founding members, and still staffed as part of liquipedia.net. In addition, I used to shoot for Major League gaming for their championship series.