About Me


Welcome everyone,

I’ve been following, playing, writing, and photographing eSports since Starcraft: Broodwar, and fully appreciate the games, the players, the fans, and how much the eSports scene has grown throughout the years. Starting from Co-founding Liquipedia, to taking photos for organizations such as Major League Gaming, Riot, Blizzard, Red Bull Esports, and many others, the thriving eSports scene has allowed me to experience things I previously would have not even dared to dream. From MLG Championship Sundays to League of Legends World Finals, there‚Äôs nothing like standing next to the best players in the world, taking photographs of what they do best.


This website is still under construction a bit; please feel free to get in touch through any of the social media at the bottom of the left bar, or e-mail me at [ robbie (period) nakamura (at) gmail (dot) com ]


Robert Nakamura Photography