LoL Championship Series Worlds

I’ve been shooting for Riot and for myself at worlds, and it’s been a lot of fun. You can see some of the photos that I’ve shot for Riot Games located on on Facebook and Flickr. I shot the quarterfinals for myself, Leaguepedia, and Teamliquid.

portfolioLoL3 (1 of 1)


portfolioLoL (1 of 1)


LoL Championship Series Groups Day 1

LoL Championship Series Groups Day 2

LoL Championship Series Groups Day 3

LoL Championship Series Groups Day 4

LoL Championship Series Groups Day 5

LoL Championship Series Groups Day 6


LoL Championship Series Groups


LoL Championship Series Season 3 Quarterfinals day 2

MLG Anaheim 2013 – Spring Championship

Had fun shooting MLG Anaheim again this year – The stage setup was pretty different this year. League was huge, and Call of duty was a huge draw. Also, it was great to see Dwight Howard at this event (it remains to be seen if Dwight ends up going to the Rockets, or the Lakers or…pretty much anywhere else after the end of the last season.

Dwight Howard plays a game with a crowd, MLG anaheim 2013


Liquipedia page:

Photos from Day 1:

Photos from Day 2/3:

CSL Collegiate Champions 2013 Spring

CSL Finals 2013 Spring

This last weekend, I had some of the most fun that I’ve had shooting an event with the UC Berkeley CSL team. The event itself was held that the Peterson automotive museum, next to Carthay Circle Park.

You can find the event blog here that I wrote up on Teamliquid:

as well as the rest of the photos in a skydrive gallery located here:!119

If you wanted to see the photos with comments, they’re also located on facebook here

I also shot this event with Carlton Beener, shooting with ESFI: League of Legends and Starcraft 2

Kevin Chang’s photos:

itsjustatank’s photos:


Navi and “The Play”

People always ask me, “what drives you to esports? What makes it so that esports has the competitive aspects that are ingrained into most other sports.” To me, it’s not about the actual playing of the game. DOTA is fun, Starcraft 2 and Starcraft: Brood War are what I grew up on, and everyone plays League of Legends at this time. What draws me into the field is the competitive aspects of the game.

Watch the multi-cam view of “The Play” by Navi. Tell me that the crowd doesn’t have emotion, or the players. Navi may change in the future, but even if you don’t understand the game, you can understand the thousands of screaming fans, and imagine the people watching the stream, yelling at their computers around the world at people playing a video game.

I believe that it’s compelling. Watch it again, at 1000 FPS, and you still won’t see the emotion.

Suppy goes to EG

Former CheckSix Player, Conan “Suppy” Liu has been picked up by Evil Geniuses. This is obviously huge for Suppy, as he now gets to work with the resources that EG has, and should be able to travel and compete in far more tournaments. This accomplishment of being picked up by EG is almost certainly because of his amazing finish at the MLG Spring Championship, where he was the foreigner from North America that made it the farthest. Suppy beat Incontrol, Tails, DDE, and then lost in round four of the winners open bracket to Dignitas Select. He then beat  Sasquatch, Killer, Bling, Select again in extended series, and finally lost to Thorzain, making him the highest seeded player from North America.

On a more personal note, Suppy, also known on as superiorwolf was a Broodwar player, and quite good one at that. On Teamliquid attack #1 and #2 he made surprise appearances, beating Incontrol and losing to Idra. In addition, his previous team was Checksix, which is a Southern California based team; with EG based in Arizona, there is little chance that I’ll get to see him move to a Southern California teamhouse.

Furthermore, Suppy received the CSL Scholarship in 2011; as both a premed and a heavily contributing member of the CSL Berkeley team, I look forward to great things from him in the future. If you get a chance to meet him, be grateful, as he’s one of the happiest, most genuine progamers that I’ve met from Starcraft 2.  Hopefully he doesn’t fall victim to the EG Curse, and start to slump right after being admitted to the team.

Teamliquid Attack 1:

Teamliquid Attack 2:

Eg announcement page:

Teamliquid thread:

Jaedong at MLG Anaheim 2012


Who: This is Jaedong; he was an unstoppable force in Starcraft: Brood War.

What: Jaedong is listening to the crowd at MLG anaheim, after Clutch did player introductions. You should be able to see the youtube video of the player introductions below

Where: Anaheim Convention Center,

When: 6-9-2012, you can find other details about the event here: Liquipedia

Why: This photo is a huge deal, because this is the first time that the KESPA players had been publicly shown playing Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty. Everyone knew that they were going to need to switch over, but the rock star status from Starcraft: Brood War carried over for this event.

How: Nikon D3 w/ 70-200 @ ISO 6400 1/125 @ f/5.6