Suppy goes to EG

Former CheckSix Player, Conan “Suppy” Liu has been picked up by Evil Geniuses. This is obviously huge for Suppy, as he now gets to work with the resources that EG has, and should be able to travel and compete in far more tournaments. This accomplishment of being picked up by EG is almost certainly because of his amazing finish at the MLG Spring Championship, where he was the foreigner from North America that made it the farthest. Suppy beat Incontrol, Tails, DDE, and then lost in round four of the winners open bracket to Dignitas Select. He then beat  Sasquatch, Killer, Bling, Select again in extended series, and finally lost to Thorzain, making him the highest seeded player from North America.

On a more personal note, Suppy, also known on as superiorwolf was a Broodwar player, and quite good one at that. On Teamliquid attack #1 and #2 he made surprise appearances, beating Incontrol and losing to Idra. In addition, his previous team was Checksix, which is a Southern California based team; with EG based in Arizona, there is little chance that I’ll get to see him move to a Southern California teamhouse.

Furthermore, Suppy received the CSL Scholarship in 2011; as both a premed and a heavily contributing member of the CSL Berkeley team, I look forward to great things from him in the future. If you get a chance to meet him, be grateful, as he’s one of the happiest, most genuine progamers that I’ve met from Starcraft 2.  Hopefully he doesn’t fall victim to the EG Curse, and start to slump right after being admitted to the team.

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