Verizon Fios Chatbot

The verizon FIOS Chatbot seemed like a good idea for normal support queries I’m sure. However, it appears to fail for a customer that is actually looking to use the service.

Andre(11:54:15): Thank you for considering Verizon services.
Andre(11:54:36): How may I assist you today?
You(11:54:47): I was hoping to move to where verizon fios is offered in the LA area
You(11:55:00): what cities or zip codes can I look at moving to?
Andre(11:55:16): May I have the complete address where the service will be working, please?
You(11:55:42): I do not yet have an address, as I was planning on moving to where the service was offered
Andre(11:57:13): Let me send you link to check availability of service for you .
Andre(11:57:23): Please click on the above link and enter your address as a “New Customer” and click on “Continue” to proceed.
You(11:58:13): I don’t yet have an address to input into the new customer field, as I’m planning on moving to where the service is offered
Andre(11:59:49): I suggest you please call Verizon local business office, we are from online sales department and we can check availability of service based on address.

It seems like I hit the end of the chat box script.

In related news, google just announced google fiber:


This will be a direct competitor to Comcast’s 305 megabit service, and Verizons 300 megabit service. It will also be interesting to see what sorts of antitrust complaints this might bring up, as google is now a service provider for cellphones and internet, and is the most visited webpage on the internet.

Hopefully the chat script from verizon is updated, so that we can get decent coverage maps.